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Amber - She isn't what she seems... - WIP

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Amber - She isn't what she seems... - WIP

Post by Amber on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:01 pm



Personality: Amber is a very smart girl with a tendency to be very gentle. She is quite a softy when it comes to not wanting to hurt others, but that is just one side of her. She is also vicious. Amber doesn't tolerate rude comments or the likes of cocky wolves being around her. If she needed to, she would snap at those being so arrogant and self-centered. She doesn't like it when she is so easily tricked, either. She falls for a lot of things though. She has a fault for saying the most random things, or making no sense of what she says. She is also quite shy. Amber doesn't always talk to others unless it is something worth speaking. She is a softly with a brave heart, basically.
Appearance: Dark sandy colored wolf with a white dot on her forehead surrounded with smaller dots. She has one green eye and a golden one.
(Kind of pending, but basics)

Reference(Request one if you need to!): Coming Soon!

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