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~Amyra Rae

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~Amyra Rae

Post by Amyra Rae on Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:20 pm

Amyra Rae
Four Years Old
Eastern X Gray Wolf



Appearances –
Amyra is a smaller wolf, that meaning her head would most likely reach beneath the head of regular sized wolves. She has gorgeous cream colored fur with ochre tints that is thick and soft, giving it a distinctly luxurious look and feel. In some spots of her body, Amyra’s fur has darkened to a cinnamon brown color that looks like she’d been rolling in the mud and some dried and stuck to his pelt still. The cinnamon fur melts into her legs and brightens to white all along her underbelly. Amyra’s eyes are somewhat large, making her look like an innocent pup at times, which contrasts with her personality. Her eye color, which is unusual for wolves of her kind to have, is mostly violet with green edging around the outside of the iris and pupil. Her paws are large in size with webbed skin between the toes specifically for swimming.

Personality —
Amyra is the kind of wolf that mothers warn their pups about. Due to various circumstances she has been alone from a relatively young age, and was forced to adapt to those new harsh circumstances in order to survive. Along with being a rather ruthless animal, she is perfectly happy to manipulate others in order to get what she needs.
Although it's hard to win her affection, and even more so trust, Amyra stops short of being totally heartless and has a steel sense of loyalty and she is completely willing to resort to violence in order to defend anyone she cares for. However, all of these harsh traits are extremely well-hidden behind a silver tongue. It's surprisingly hard to get Amyra angry, due more to stubbornness than patience. She prefers to solve things without violence as it is less trouble, though she is more than happy to challenge anyone who drives her over the edge.

The Story Of —
Amyra has never been, is not and doesn't exactly plan on being part of a pack. As with her siblings, Amyra was born to Kelili and Rakin, who were both exiled wolves since Kelili fell pregnant when she was not alpha. Though she enjoyed being with her family as a pup, the young wolf's future plans changed drastically once Amyra’s sister announced her desire to leave. Her unrealistic ideals about the lone family living together forever were shattered, and decided at once to make her own way in the world.
From that point on Amyra lived life as a rogue, moving between both inhabited territories and free land, finding her fair share of trouble in each. However, never before has she ventured close to each pack's base, opting instead to freeload for as long as possible before being chased away. Recently she took up a mission to find her siblings again, for no discernible or useful reason. After days and nights of calling and searching for them, Amyra now has found herself lost in the vast wilderness, with no hope of finding her siblings.

  Kin —
Rakin (Father, Whereabouts unknown/Believed to be deceased)
Kelili (Mother, Whereabouts unknown/Believed to be deceased)
Clarion (Sister, whereabouts unknown)
Breta (Sister, whereabouts unknown)

Miscellaneous –

Amyra has many small scars coating her body, but the most visible ones would be the long claw marks on her flank and a small gash on the side of her muzzle. Both are found on the right side of Amyra’s body.
Amyra’s scent closely matches her siblings. All of them having the fresh smell of morning dew, but Amyra has a hardly noticeable scent of pomegranate.
Amyra has a small voice. She rarely raises it unless certain circumstances call for it. At times, usually late at night or early in the morning, Amyra’s voice sounds quite scratchy like she’d been screaming and yelling for days upon days.

Amyra Rae
Amyra Rae

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