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Post by Denali on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:01 pm

“You killed what was left of the good in me"

Nicknames: none yet
Age:2 1/2 years

Looks: Denali has a thin cost that consist of mostly tan fur with a darker brown and grey patches throughout her body blending with the tan fur. Her eyes are a very light amber color with flecks of darker amber within them forming a circle around her pupils. Her body is slender and her legs are a little longer than your average wolf's.

Personality: Denali is very socialy withdrawn only forming close bonds with a few wolves here and there she has a heart of ice that can be melted with work and time, she was brought up with a clan of fighters in the old world so she is a ruthless fighter but there is a side of her no one really sees under the sheet of thick ice lies a heart of gold once she feels safe with a wolf she will show this she is a very compassionate and caring wolf.

Past: Denali was born to a clan or warriors on the old world since she was able to stand she and her siblings were taught the ways of a warrior she never really liked fighting she was the most gentle wolf of the clan one day when she was a year old she met a nice young male who found his way to her pack they fell for each other and were happy as can be. One day the she caught the male who was claaed Hawk with another female this one thing broke her her heart of gold was hidden by the thick layers of ice from then on she only knew the anger and rage of a warrior. Denali secretly hopes her heart of ice will be melted by someone but in a sense she is afraid of love.

Siblings: Red,War, and Fellina
Friends: none


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Re: |~Denali~|

Post by Danny on Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:11 pm

I notice Denali's avvie, and I also see that it is the exact same wolf as Amyra Rae's character.

One of you are gonna have to change.

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