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o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

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o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Bandit on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:44 am

"Sometimes we just have to let things go"

General Basics

To Be Addressed As

Also Known As
Bandy, Band & Masked


Hour Glass
4 1/2 years and still ageing


50% Eurasian & 50% Tundra wolf

Role Placement
Nemik; a guard who protects the den from intruding predators and lone wanderers.


Outside Perimeter

Bandit is a large masculine canine, that has a broad feature that many may have not seen before. He doesn't lack any strong bones in his body to keep hold of himself, his large expanding paws keep hold and carry his weight around, despite how bulky he looks, he's able to still keep a move on with a rippling muscle definition. He depends on strength and speed, as he often lacks stamina by over-using his strength on anything that is involved within the same elevation and mass, or larger. He does have a powerful bite whenever he locks his jaws onto any source, with a strong force and broad muzzle, by his looks he has been known as intimidating by his walk, known to be "snobby".

Pigment In Depth
In the light of day, a canine with a darken sorrel base will reflect a lighter hue in the source of the sunlight by its rays. However, as the day turns to night, the moon arising illuminates a glow upon the males coat of a bronze. Basically his entire coat is engulfed with this tinge, marked with dark brown and black markings upon his lobes, fore/hind paws and the tip of his tail. However, he does have a masked tinge across both his eyes and two narrow lines vertically printed across his muzzle.

The texture of his pigment is coarse, medium-lengthened and slightly thick, allowing this canine to be caught immune to cool temperature, but would be able to bypass with thicker fur throughout the wintry season, only downfall would be carrying this extra weight around would cause some trouble for his techniques of attempting sharp turns. Bandit also holds various scars hidden beneath his fluffed fur, the pillows conceal any scars or until he sheds for the mild temperatures, where then those scars would be revealed and only seen on his legs and nape.

Those Eyes
Nothing too intense or extraordinary about his dark amber pools.  Other than they are not a fierce tone as you look at them. His eyes never really explain emotion as they are a rather calm picture on his face, he mask actually brings them out overall.

133 cm.

44 kg.

"A wolf sheds it's coat every year, but it's nature never changes"

Towards The Heart

Bandit is always questioning the matter of others to himself and never often speaks it as he always has an observing source, if he would speak then he may cause trouble and wouldn't dare to let it spread. When it comes to this, Bandit is a respectful canid, thought don't be fooled by his quiet nature, despite how supportive and loyal he is, when it comes to new recruits the male is always on the haste of things. New males don't bother him as much as when there are females about, he would stick his neck out far enough to be trusted by a female, but wouldn't mind having another male that looks up to him as just another ordinary canine.

Self-assured, stable and dependable, bandit doesn't often like to pick fights but will honourably step-in-line and take control to separate those who are involved. The sight of blood doesn't make him uncomfortable, but he despises individuals that harm any female around him, physically or mentally. Even though Bandit has an expanding memory and behavior, things can alter over time and if bonds are broken, he's nothing but a quiet wolf around those he lost for a while. One last thing about this canine, he can be very affectionate, however and enjoys having the company of the opposite gender, even though he loves females a lot his tendencies to tease are a meaning of affection.

His Vocals
As bandit aged, his vocal cords have changed over time, from a small lack of depth voice, now the wolf carries a burly tone; deep, compassionate and fluent with a Italian accent and as he speaks, the words he uses smoothly roll from his tongue, as also he tends to talk often, allowing others to often listen to his voice most often. This also makes it a bit easier for him to speak to others in tough positions.

In the heart of Alaska along the slopes and large mountaisn that have concealed hunters from traveling up the snow-caps, there was more to nature than a mans eye could seek. There was a get-away where animals would huddle for shelter, a large and vast landscape where it wasn't only herbivores located here but also carnivores. Bears, coyotes, cougars and even wolves all rendezvoused to this uncharted territory, eventually over-run by a large animal population. This was also the sweet spot where the wolves that formed together as a family, greeted their new generation of 4 pups; Charcoal, Bandit, Mayhem and Caleb.

The pups looked almost the same and inheriting their parents genetics, that Charcoal and Mayhem were the only ones that had a tinge of black than rather brown.  Come to think of it, as inheriting both Tundra and Eurasian mixes, the parents weren't white unlike the other wolves that they've bred and found along the way. Amusing and ironic, that shortly after looking after them and nurturing them healthy, the pups began to grow quite fast, as fast as mother nature carried the days. Mid-summer the pups would still remain in the den as the mother entured out to find meals for herself to continue to feed her children, even though they were being watched by the father and remaining adults, the four would wobble out and attempt to snoop around the lot inquisitively, while their mother was off hunting. Once in a while they would run around and tug, roll and play-fight, eventually the mother returned with hares as a gift for food, as exhausted she looked, there would be rest in the next few minutes as time ticked by.

There was never a dull moment spent in the life of this pack, roughly everyday had the same routine carried by. The pack was healthy and always guided with trust and values, surprises were always a weekly desire to some, but sometimes even the biggest surprises weren't as expected. However, as the months passed by and longer than a year, the pups have grown to their potential age of departure. Charcoal, Mayhem, bandit and Caleb were separately taking their own route to find another secluded destination, all leaving behind their birth pack and each other as their last bit of their bonds were tightly knit. As the vast land expanded, the young male had no further memory of which paths he took to leave the designated wasteland of his home, every inch of landscape had a different feel, smell and tone to it. Having to reside in the mountains for so long, it seemed like everything was the same. Until the male have entered a canyon and further on - the meadows. The canyon he trekked was dry, rough; stale. Never to encounter such a scenery to be so bland and hot, it wasn't the weather for him and yet he kept going, hoping to find a better view and moderate temperature he could tolerate.

Divided from where he was a year later, the plains were something he came across, a vast domain with little foliage and plentiful in grains and vegetation that only stood a foot from the turf. It wasn't his preferred living as he didn't blend in at all. He was entirely exposed like a pile of dirt from a distance, because he found a lovely lady along the way of his journey. A white and brown, tawny female came into his view. She was stunning, gorgeous, her grey orbs flashed by his own and he approached her. Her scent, her features, they were all something he hasn't laid his eyes upon for over two years since he left his previous home where more wolves resided. She was one of the canines to see in a long while and when it came to exchanging names he winced with a crooked grin. Valda was her name, 'what a sweet and genuine name' Bandit thought as he admitted to himself. it was a beautiful name indeed and he couldn't keep that hidden from her. "Your name is beautiful" his accent pierced the last word from the tip of his tongue as he then felt her touch his heart with her own accent. A woman to have such a fluent southern accent with a hint of Scottish to frolic him in the midst of day, her tantalizing features drove him closer to her as he mimicked her own desires. "Shall we?" the male spoken to her and escorted off into the distance to find a secluded area for them both to rest. A new home and shelter before winter brews in.

It was late December when the wind chills have picked up furiously, the temperatures have dropped as it began to be a cold night. Two wolves took shelter in a cave just within the depths of a forest divided with spruce, cedar and pine vegetation. Huddled closely was Valda and bandit, snoozing away during the brisked, cold night, there were sounds outside their crevice which awoken Valda to an alarming state. Bandit was beside her and gently calmed her before she would move, "easy darling, must've been the other animals out there. Stay here, I'll check" the male whispered and poked his head out to peer left, right and then left to find a bear smacking against the tree. The bear was a juvenile; a reckless aged grizzly to taunt sleeping neighbors. A snarl pierced the males vocals and it caught the bear's attention, only to find him struggling to back away in the foliage, caught by a bush bandit bolted after and allowed his weight to tower over the juveniles body. grunts and roars were persistent, but with little tease and credit, bandit bit the backside of the bear and punctured his insicors into it's thick coat and flesh. Straining to flee, he released his grasp and snapped his powerful jaws at the predator and watched it lope off through the forest, whilst allowing the male wolf to return to his beloved who stood outside he cave, watching to assure he was alright. "Are you alright, Bandy?",Valda's voice trembled as she circled his body to survey for anywounds and not finding any weak spot she nuzzled him lovingly. "Thank you for warding that bear away", she added and returned into the cave slowly. "It was the least I could do" the male spoke back softly, following inside after his companion but only to pause for a moment and take a brief look around, just in-case he was needed for another necessary encounter. Finding no other sources he trotted and climbed behind his love and allowed his body heat to combine with hers. Snorting, they rested with their heads down side-by-side, awaiting for what winter may bring.

The following weeks have been no challenge for the two and especially Bandit, she and him were able to hunt together during the early dawn sessions, where the prey they found would graze and gather. Only they would do was wait for the rest to follow in the herds movements and soon separate. It was their everyday routine, the morning with long strolls to the river, catching fish that they would swim with, finding animals to chase and enjoying the sunlight together. basking in the sun was his favorite and especially watching the sunrises.


  • Attentively frolicking with females.

  • Absentmindedly staring off into the face of the earth, or even staring at another for a long period of time without even noticing he was and is noticed.

Long strolls Savory meals Females Pups Respect Trust Cooperation & Imagination Experienced canines Commitment Hunting Being Alone   Quiet Time Loyalty Guarding.

Disrespect Hostility Injured canines   Lost pups/pups in harms way Harmed Females Killing without a purpose Lying Miscommunication Failure Unable to succeed.

His Past

Sire: Sethos - Deceased
Dame: Madde - Deceased
Siblings: Charcoal, Mayhem & Caleb

His Future
Crush: -
Companion: -
Youths: -

Previous Mate: Valda
Previous Litter: Porsche & Ivonne

©opy right. All of my information is for my  character only! You may not steal, alter, etc. His markings are for his purposes, his behavior is also his.

Last photo,
© Zero. <3333 Thank you qt. :3

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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Maverick on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:30 pm

Just to point out, 136 cm's, which is equivalent to 53 inches is not realistic for a wolfs height. No wolf has ever passed the 40-42' mark in height.. I think you should alter this slightly. He is far to large, other than that everything else in the biography seems good though!


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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Felune on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:29 pm

Beside the large size, he seems like a lovely character! I'm sure he and Fell will silently judge each other out of their minds, haha. See you in the role-play! c:

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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Bandit on Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:04 pm

Many species are ranged at various heights, but if you're saying that it's not recorded than surely the sites need to be recalled for about their own speculations. There have also been sightings and wolves recorded to be larger, but of course who does the research on them? Not many. Since Bandit is part Tundra he is almost over average then? But the number I came up with the first time was not random but calculated as one of the wolfs genetics. Aside from that, thanks for the feedback. ^^;
Perhaps Fell, he may think silently or accidentally aloud. xD

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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Danny on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:20 am

Beautiful Character, But I do believe the sizing is rather redundant.

There have been recorded specimens of larger types, but the average timber size is normally 32-42 inches. He is part timber, Yes, But the larger wolves found were hybrids if not had an impeccible food source which improved his growth throughout life.

BONE doesn't have that, in fact the food is rather scarce.

Just keep it safe for now.

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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

Post by Lunesta on Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:13 pm

Nice character he and Lunesta will get along well

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Re: o ℬandit o Narration Edited!

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