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The Blood Packs

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The Blood Packs

Post by Arbor on Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:33 pm

come join us,

the blood packs

Once they were united as one under a great Alfa pair, but hatred was afoot. Their segundo, tercero and their compañeros wanted to rule the pack. They gathered followers and each hatched their own sub packs creating a riff that was unfixable. A fight broke out and killed all but three young wolves, the son and daughters of the ones who ruled and wanted to rule. They all now lead one of the three packs that now exist.

Who will you follow??


The Rules

1) This Roleplay is Semi-Realistic, or an unrealistic plot with realistic characters. Keep it that way. No Vibrant Colors or Wings. Rare Or Nonexistant Eyecolors such as green or blue are allowed. Your character can be photo manipulated to look brown, gold, black, white, grey, etc. As long as it looks natural. Natural doesn't have to be what you see irl, But It doesn't mean sparkle pup.
2) The forum is rather mature, so don't whine and scream when a guy or girl flirts with you. On the site swearing is allowed, but try and refrain from it.
3) Please no Text speak, and have your roleplay posts be at least 3 sentences. Normal posts must be three words.
4) No Godmodding or Powerplaying.
5) Please don't join role play without having an accepted bio
6) If you wish to speak another language Spanish or something similar is fine


The Packs

Agua Sanger (AS) lives by the ocean to the east. Their name means Water Blood and they live off the prey from the rivers, streams and ponds that are in their territory. They are the quickest to fly into a rage but the quickest to cool down. They are loyal to Calypso, daughter of the segundo.

Fuego de Sanger (FS) live on the edge of the mountain range that hold a volcano in the north. Their name means Fire Blood and they live off the prey that roam the mountain side and flat around the lake that rests at the base of the mountains. They hold a low burning rage at the other packs and are the first to start a fight. They are loyal to Caput, son of the tercero.

Tierra de Sanger (TS) roam the forestry flats that are in the west of the land. Their name means Earth Blood and they live off the larger prey that roam the flats. They are the calmest of the packs and try to keep peace with the others. They are loyal to Althea daughter of the alfa.


Creation Date: 31 Jan 2015
Website: http://thebloodpacks.forumotion.org
Total Members: 5
Males: 3
Females: 2
Agua Sanger Members: 2
Fuego de Sanger Members: 1
Tierra de Sanger Members: 2
Total Battles: 0
Agua Sanger Wins: 0
Fuego de Sanger Wins: 0
Tierra de Sanger Wins: 0
Members on ETA (Please request if away for more than 3 days): None


Thanks for showing interest. We are in desperate need of active members.~ Caput, Althea, and Calypso

Posting this for a friend^^^ Check it out if you can

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