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Mount Bone

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Mount Bone Empty Mount Bone

Post by Danny on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:36 am

Mount Bone 6822093016_cf308196b0_z

Mount Bone is the land where most Finnic members stay at their post and watch the new world around them, at times keeping creatures at bay. Finnics spend most of their day here, and have quite the determination to kill. Most of them sit on top and look out for any oncoming enemies, whilst others will be willing to go to the bottom of the mount and enter Fronoki- Where they encounter the beasts head on with a Thane by their side.

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Mount Bone Empty Re: Mount Bone

Post by Windell on Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:00 pm

Mount Bone Windel16

Windell wearily shook his head as he awoke, eyes blinking forlornly at first before rapidly converting to a frenzied pace. Where was he? There was a memory, faint but true, aroused within him as the male struggled to regain both his consciousness and the account of days past. As more and more was remembered, there was only one conclusion to be made: Life was infinitely strange.

His home was gone. And not just his home, but the entirety of the old world. Quite a concept.
"What a strange place," Windell murmured quietly to himself, stretching as he lifted his form from the earth - or Vale, if one was to be specific.

Whilst walking Mount Bone in search of water (and other survivors, beings of ecesis just as he was), Windell began to recapture the most poignant moments surrounding his transplantation to Vale. There had been some sort of portal, if his recollections were sound, and he had crossed into it, more or less on purpose. Now he was no longer a citizen of Earth, but of Vale, though exactly what that consisted of, the brooding male was not entirely sure. Windell's thoughts were interrupted as he crested the mount and saw the lake at its foot.

Hurrying down the slope, the dark-colored canine approached the blessed source of water and, wading past its edge, lowered his muzzle, pulling deep draughts of liquid thirstily in. Refreshed after the few minutes spent quenching his thirst, Windell removed himself from the lake and lie, instead, on its bank, basking in what sun there was to be had while he continued to ponder what this exciting and somewhat unexpected change in galactic scenery would mean for him.

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