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Post by Danny on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:00 pm

To start out, Vale consists of two parts of the small moon-like planet. Fronoki and Catori. Catori is where most of the Earth inhabitants live. It is rather warm region much alike from earth but at night the temperature drops down at least thirty degrees, and then warms up rapidly. The waters are constantly of different colors with still the remains of stone, dirt, bone, iron, gold, and diamond, Along with many other minerals. The air is much more refined and easy to breathe in, along with odd variations of creatures, some even from prehistoric earth have found their way here, and no one knows how. Perhaps the black hole bringing us here generated naturally...? That we do not know. The plants and possibly even the ground change colors on occurance of time of day. Day is Green, Evening is Red, Night is Black, And Dawn is Blue. The blood of the creatures whom rely on this planet's blood or moreso of a purpleish hue. Some plants and liquids are quite harmful to us, but we do not know which is which as we haven't explored enough. There is a certain plant known as a Hefnik where the roots are known to dig as far down as the molten matter inside of Vale, and light the stems on fire. This supplies warm to those cold and they are quite common in Catori. As for Fronoki, Most of what we know is that Fronoki is barren lands with cruel creatures whom couldn't adapt to the Catori climate. Some live in Catori however, and that brings us to "Creature Files." There is a complete forum about the species of animals living here, you can go check it on through the home page. The layers of the planet are the dirt, and then in some areas ocean water lies under the surface, like Thane territory.

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