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Post by Lunesta on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:33 pm


“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing."

Name: Lunesta
Nickname: Nes, Nessa, Lu
Gender: female
Age: 3 1/2 years
Pack: Sif
Rank: Misko

Appearance: Jet black pelt which fades down to a charcoal gray at her paws//ocean blue eyes// slender frame and legs a few inches longer than most females which allows her to hunt with ease what she lacks in size and strength she makes up for in speed and agility, overall she is very beautiful but does not let it get to her head

Voice: Lunesta has a sweet melodic voice with a slight Celtic accent

Personality: Lunesta is a rather quiet wolf only talking to those she trusts, she has very few friends, even though she is quiet she is not a pushover she will speak her mind and doesn't take being treated like a pushover, she is compassionate, kind, and very loyal she believes bonds can be strained but not severed. She hopes to find love someday.

History: Lunesta was born shortly before this new world was discovered. Her parents were the founders of sif she was part of a litter of four two males (Sly and Kenik) and two females (Lunesta, Kalani) since a young age it was apparent she had the markings of a misko bit Nessa didn't like being in the spotlight so she chose Chanter instead one day her father came to her and said the rest of the family was heading somewhere (earth) he didn't tell her where knowing she would try to follow. In a twist of fate she found out where her family went knowing they wouldn't come back she took the title Misko she now is doing her best to lead two wolves new to vale.

Parents: Raya(mother) Shiner(father) both deseased
Siblings: Kalani,Kenik,Sly (dead)
Friends: Bandit,Felune
Crush/mate: none yet
Misc: carries the scent of roses and pine


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